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Rhino Smore Flyer


On the website Smore I made a flyer about the Rhinoceros. Here it is – take a look here or click here to see it in full screen mode!

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Australia Biteslide


Recently, our class have gotten Italian blog buddies! I made this Australian ABC to give her some more information about Australia on a fun website called bite slide. Here is the link to it:

Anyway, here it is:

Hope you enjoy!

Inanimate Alice Episode 4


In episode 4 of Inanimate Alice, she is 14 years old and living in her hometown, London. One day, her friends dare her to climb to the top of an old abandoned building, saying that the view is amazing. When she does, however, the stairs break leaving her dangling. Luckily she manages to safely haul herself up onto the part of stairs that is still here, but finds herself stranded. The only way is to go inside and riddle her way to the ground level. At this part, you can choose to play the game or keep watching. The game is helping Alice take the correct way to reach the ground level and escape.

I found this part a little but creepy as they included scary music and dark, gloomy photos. Luckily they had Brad to help you when you get stuck, otherwise I would’ve never gotten out!

The best thing about this episode was its interactivity, which made it fun and interesting.

Here is a link to the Inanimate Alice website:

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Inanimate Alice


This is my own beginning for Epiosde 4 of Inanimate Alice – made using Tellagami.

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The Rhino Song!


While researching Rhinos for  school project, I came across this funny little video: The Rhino Song!!! It has some little facts in a song with a cute purple rhino dancing!

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SOS! 100WC W12


The waves lapped hungrily at the ochre sand, leaving colourful shells and driftwood behind. I had only come 1/4 of the way and already my bag was nearly full.

The glint of something shiny caught my eye. I raced forward, eager to see what it could be. I picked the object up. It was warm. I brushed the sand away and held it up to the sinking sunlight. It was a bottle – and it had something inside! I pulled the worn peice of paper out.

SOS! Stuck! -12N 79W!

They must be stranded at those coordinates! I’ll have to help!

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Our Poppies 100WC


Our Poppies are red

red like the blood of the soldiers

that was spilled in the war

at their supreme’s orders

Our Poppies are a reminder

a reminder of the lives lost in the war

a reminder that the war won’t be forgotten

a reminder that our soldiers didn’t die in vain

Our Poppies are tucked in our shirts

we wear them proudly

a sign that our nation

is proud of our soldiers

Our Poppies are a sea of red

and gazing at their tranquil horizon

we are remembering


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Spelling Tuesday Week 5


For my spelling homework today I decided to make a thing link with the meanings of some difficult words.

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About Alice


In class we are reading a digital novel called Inanimate Alice. we have watched ep. 1 and 2, But there are still some mysteries around Alice.

What do we know about Alice?

We know that Alice is still quite young. In ep. 1, she was 8 years old, and ep. 2 she was 10 years old. We know that her family has to move around a lot due to her father’s job in the oil industry. So far they have been to China, Italy, and in the 3rd episode, Russia. Her family has to move around a lot due to her Fathers job in the oil industry.

What don’t we know about Alice?

Alice is still a little bit of a mystery character to us at the moment. We have no idea of what she looks like, what her feelings are about moving around so much and how she deals with it. In fact, in both episodes, she doesn’t describe herself much at all. Just what she is feeling at the current moment – scared, exhilarated , sad etc. Because Alice moves around a lot, she’s never been to school. How would she go at school? Where will her family move to next?

Here is a Thinglink I’ve made about my predictions for the next episode, (episode 3).

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Student Blogging Challenge W6 #7


I was looking at some foreign blogs and came across this one. Her name is Wiem and she is from Tunisia. She obviously puts a lot of hard work into her posts, and they are all very inspirational and informative. Here is her link – try checking out her blog!

Have a look at these blogs too – everyone makes a big effort to make their blog stand out!

Here is a suggestion:

1) Go onto the student blogging website and click on ‘students sep 2013’ up the top.

2) scroll down and randomly click on a link

3) Comment and leave your link to your blog so that they can comment back.

You will find all kinds of new things and ‘meet’ new bloggers!

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